RBN Podcast 6: Timmmmmay Edition


The guys discuss the frightning numbers that Royals pitchers have been putting up this spring, Brandon Finnigan’s demotion, Alex Gordon’s contract situation, and the apparent loss of Jandel Gustave. They also justify making fun of a handicapped guy.

RBN Podcast Episode 3: Go Hard Like WWF


The third episode of the RBN Podcast is a roller coaster of  emotion as Craig and Danny wallow in the likelihood of Royals draft pick flops, relive the joys of watching professional wrestling on monday nights, and remember the creepy Ray Vincent commercials that used to play during Royals games.

RBN Podcast Episode 2: Explaining WAR To An Idiot


In this episode Danny and Craig look back on the 2004 Royals and the amazing doubleheader they played on 9/9/04. Craig explains the finer points of WAR, and we look at the Royals top prospects.

Royals Take Game One, 2-1 in Extras

Sarah Davis

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t planning on a recap due to the fact that my brother took my dog to live with him, and yes that made me very, very sad. It was about the bottom of the 14th inning when I realized that most of you probably went to bed in the bottom of the thirteenth.

This game didn’t see it’s first hit until the top of the fifth inning when Carlos Santana singled off of Danny Duffy.

The first Royals base runner came in the seventh when Omar Infante singled, but was stranded. The first of two Royals runs came in the eighth inning when Mike Moustakas hit a little league homerun. It was ruled a double and a two-base throwing error, and was charged as an unearned run to Corey Kluber.

The Royals were poised to end the game in the ninth when All Star Greg Holland blew the save for the second time this year.

The score would stand pat for the next five innings. In the bottom of the fourteenth, Lorenzo Cain hit an infield single to get things started for Kansas City that inning. Cain then stole second base for Raul Ibanez to hit him in.

Ned Yost would pinch-hit Danny Valencia for Raul Ibanez. The countering move would be for Terry Francona to bring in John Axford. Danny Valencia would promptly strike out.

Next up would be Nori Aoki. If you told me that the game would be left up to Nori Aoki, I would’ve told you that you were lying. Nori Aoki singled in Lorenzo Cain to give the Royals the 2-1 walkoff victory against the Indians.

Josh Tomlin will face Yordano Ventura later today in game number two. Let’s hope there is a better offensive production from the Royals.

Royals End Skid, Beat Sox 7-1

Sarah Davis

Alert the presses: The Kansas City Royals scored seven runs tonight.

Without Eric Hosmer (hand contusion) and Lorenzo Cain (rest) I was afraid that that would be a tall task for Kansas City. Alas, it was not.

Mike Moustakas got the scoring started with a solo homerun in the second inning. The White Sox would rally in the fourth inning with a “Big Donkey” Adam Dunn homerun.

The game would be all Royals after that. The Royals would score six (!!!!!) runs after that. Back-to-back doubles by Billy “The Base-Clogger” Butler and Raul “Too Cool For You At 42” Ibanez started off the Royals four run sixth inning.

With the Royals up 3-1, Jarrod Dyson bunts to score Alcides Escobar, and according to the unwritten rules of baseball, you are not allowed to bunt while winning by more than two runs. Mmhhmmm, right.

Omar Infante would sacrifice Nori Aoki in to give KC a 5-1 lead. The scoring outburst would end on a Mike Moustakas two-run bomb to give the Royals a seven (!!!!) run lead.

In short: Mike Moustakas took a good, long look in the mirror, and decided that he can hit balls over the wall not just during BP.

The Royals still lack in one (more than that) department: We still left 14 guys on base. Since the start of the ‘second-half’ the Royals have left 41 men on base.

Before the game, Dayton Moore was interviewed. You know what that means: Writing material for Royals writers everywhere. I’ll give you the gist of it: Our (Dayton and Ned) success is tied together. We’ve got a lot of holes, but we aren’t going to change.

It isn’t exactly word for word, but it’s pretty close. I’m not sure what part of any of those statements actually make sense. You haven’t made the playoffs in either of your tenures. You are also one game under .500 with the current guys on your roster, but you’re convinced that these are the guys that will get your to the playoffs. Crazy, right?

A huge congratulations to Bruce Chen is in order, I think. Bruce Chen has now tied Mariano Rivera for all-time Panamanian wins leader.

The Royals will send James Shields to the hill tomorrow in the rubber game against Jose Quintanna. Quintanna is winless against the Royals in his career, which probably means we’ll lose tomorrow.