RBN Podcast Episode 3: Go Hard Like WWF


The third episode of the RBN Podcast is a roller coaster of  emotion as Craig and Danny wallow in the likelihood of Royals draft pick flops, relive the joys of watching professional wrestling on monday nights, and remember the creepy Ray Vincent commercials that used to play during Royals games.

The Motus Baseball Sleeve



If you would take a look at that link you could be looking straight at he future of baseball’s efforts to end the plague that is Tommy John surgery. Just think about how much just this one sleeve could impact the career of Royals prospects such as Zimmer, Manea, and Finnegan, all of which have had shoulder and/or elbow injuries in the past. If this sleeve were to be a success it would change the face of baseball development and medicine for years and years to come.

To a guy like me who spends a lot of time sitting in an athletic training room helping with guys icing or heating their shoulders, anything to get them back on the field, this is a very exciting development.