• July 4, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Happy Birthday, USA!

    Embracing all the pride I feel for our country on this most auspicious of days, I salute you my fellow U.S. citizens for helping preserve and protect the values that make our country great, for opening your arms to newcomers who hope to do the same, for embracing the spirit of American excellence and using your intellectual capital for good, for aiding others in times of despair and strife and providing comfort to the sick and needy, for your enterprise and leadership in so many endeavors, for championing freedom throughout the world and laying the groundwork so others may live similarly as we do, for educating yourself and making learning a priority for you and your family, for fighting the scourges of this and past centuries, and for your future–our future–and what lies before us.

  • July 4, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Happy Independence Day to all and a heartfelt thank you to those serving and their families who sacrifice so much.

    First Royalboarder to call for Dayton Moore to be fired. 4/29/2010.

    First RBNer to call for Dayton Moore to be fired. 6/20/2014

  • July 4, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Happy 4th of July everyone. A special thanks to those who have served and allowed today to take place.

  • July 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe, fun, and most importantly, Lee Greenwood free Independence Day.

  • July 4, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Happy Independence Day!!!