• December 15, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Anybody up for predicting what deals Dayton “I have a passion to lead” Moore gets done this off-season?

    Here is mine;
    Herrera and Hammel will be moved for next to nothing. More a salary dump than anything.
    He will sign some 4 or 5 cheap relacement level players whose names will be recognized by Royals fans. 2 or 3 pitchers, 1 CF, and 1 corner outfielder / ist baseman.

    He will flap his gums a lot about Hosmer and looking at a lot of possible trades but nothing will get done.

    Unless Glass is really pushing for a <100M payroll I think there is only about a 10% chance Duffy will get traded. Dayton will be tempted by some offers but he ask for too much to get a deal done.